Gdeim Izik: APS posts false information, gets condemned by International Press

In support to the Polisario Separatist Front, the Official Algerian Agency APS has posted information that is false that could not be further far from the truth. The article says that the Gdeim Izik trial is anything but fair.

This happens while the fairness of the trial has already been acknowledged by national and international observers since its start, and they have clearly pointed that the trial checks all conditions to fulfill a fair handling of the case. Hence the media presence, national and international observers as well as representatives from several non-governmental organizations.

This source has also lied by stating that the lawyers of the accused take part in the trial while being held in a glass cage like confinement that prevents them from following properly the debates. Images from the trial and others published in different newspapers and on social media stand as proof against such allegations.

As for the point that says that the parents of the accused have been harassed at the court’s entrance, the Moroccan force of order have separated since the very  first hearing the victims’ families from the accused ones’, in order to prevent any clashes between the two in the future.

For the rest of those allegations started by the Separatists Front, they were all refuted by the laid out facts that need no further explanations. Even if they were true, the globally renowned international observers wouldn’t just miss such violations.

Jean-Claude Martinez, one of the French observers, said that: ’The trial is taking place in very normal conditions, and all is fulfilled for to guarantee the rights of the accused and the victims’ families’. Furthermore, other countries such Switzerland, Spain, Italy and France are following closely the trial which ‘’respects the rights of the Defense team according to internationally agreed upon democratic legal norms’’.

And as another French observer, M. Seillan, said:’’ The trial is taking place within the common jurisdiction framework (public law), which operates in accordance with law that takes in consideration Morocco’s democratic evolution since the 2011 new Constitution’’. He also mentioned the evolution that legislations have undergone, allowing the trial to be fair for all parties (prosecutor, defense and victims), securing everyone’s rights.

It’s worth mentioning that the trial as it began attracted many of the victims’ family members, and representatives from several Human Rights organizations, NGOs among other national and international ones that are independent. They all have been present and have followed the trial throughout its different phases, witnessing the integrity and professionalism shown in Morocco’s legal system’s way of handling the case.


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