Gdeim Izik: The trial will be fair and one example to follow (French Observer)

One of the French observers watching closely the detainees’ trial of the Gdeim Izik incidents, has shared that this trial that took its course on Monday, will be one that is faire and an example to follow, as reported by MAP.

  1. Seillan, who visited recently Laayoune city, also added that “The trial is being held under the Common Right Jurisdiction, which operates within the framework of a legislation that takes in consideration Morocco’s democratic development as proven by the 2011 constitution”.

In a statement done through MAP, M. Seillan said that the constitution has set « A complete democratic system », while mentioning the legislative evolutions that allowed the trial and the different parties involved (Prosecutor, Defense and victims) to secure their rights ».

According to the French attorney, such stakes won’t stop the trial from carrying on balanced conditions.

«I feel quite at peace and believe that this trial will be such a model to follow”, confirms M. Seillan while adding that, when the court of cassation for this trial handed over the file to the common jurisdiction, it stood as proof for a judiciary independence.


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