«A fair trial can’t be without punishing the murderer» The defense team for the Gdeim Izik’s Victims.

Abelkabir Tabih, attorney and member of the Gdeim Izik victims’ Defense Team, has expressed firmly that:” there no equity in a trial that goes without punishing the person behind the murder. It’s about giving them the chance to defend themselves”. 
Mr. Abelkabir Tabih has pointed out that all major points for this purpose were checked and respected; may it be at the military court, as numerous human rights organizations testify for it, or during the time the case was transferred to the civil jurisdiction system.

« Providing interpretation to the French attorneys was a never before seen thing », has added the attorney, «…And the live video broadcasting of the hearing in another court room, as well as the active participation of the civil society in the field of Human Rights on an international level”.

He also insisted that «Guaranteeing a fair trial consists of giving the accused their full rights of having an attorney to their side”, while adding that during the last trial, the accused had their right of having Moroccan and foreign attorneys just the same as the other party, as law says.

Mr. Tabih brought also attention to the point that is, « How the civil society, activists for Human Rights and the media in general couldn’t follow through with the case, nor could they explain nor present the real situation to the public ».


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