Unhuman move by the Polisario, as a child is used to win the public’s sympathy for their Gdeim Izik Case criminals.

Many media outlets belonging to the separatist front Polisario shared a video with one of the Gdeim Izik criminals’ sons, in which the minor talks about the camp incident and the case involving the accused detainees for killing 11 Moroccan law enforcement officers.Kamal Laaroussi, 8 years old and son of the convicted named Abdel Jalil Laaroussi, got involved in a far from being human play, which evidently only aims to exploit the innocence of his young age in favor of the separatists case. The video shows a child completely oblivious of what’s going on, and who was made to memorize everything he was reciting to the camera. Those behind even occasionally told him what to say when he forgot.

This is yet again another proof that shows just the extent to which the separatists will go to justify their criminal acts, and how they are capable of exploiting even children for their goal, while they actually have previously been in the hot seat for allegations saying they are involved in children kidnapping and sending them to Cuba.

It comes as no surprise that this criminal separatist front went this far, while being in a Moroccan trial witnessed by the whole world that testifies for its equity and despite the several and desperate attempts of disruption.



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