Gdeim Izik: No Temporary Release from jail to the Detainees

Three days after the Gdeim Izik trial was resumed, the Salé’s Appeals court decided to turn down the temporary release plea for the 24 detainees, who are accused of the assassination of 11 law enforcement officers during the tragic Gdeim Izik incident. The court has also postponed the case hearing that was scheduled for next March the 13th.The court has also decided to take the defense board request to hand over the findings to medical experts, with the head of Rabat’s CHU Ibn Sina, a trauma surgeon and a psychologist in charge, and with a fixed 500 DHS worth of expertise to each of the detainees. This charge will be covered by the Kingdom’s public treasury.

Meanwhile, the court has called for the following witnesses: Mohamed and Bachir Slimani, Mohamed Belkacem, Mohamed Oubha and Lahcen Dalil, as well as the policemen who wrote the culprits’ hearings reports while refusing to summon other witnesses.

The defense board of the civil party had already insisted that the court should study the affair harder, especially that the court of cassation has used the rules of the criminal proceedings within the statutory powers bestowed by the law.

The defense board of the civil party also called for justice to the victims and showed no objection regarding the medical expertise for the detainees.

The fourth hearing, which last for eleven hours, has known a legal conflict between the accused defense, the civil party’s and the prosecutors.

Since it began back in Salé on December the 26th, the trial has witnessed the presence of several human rights associations and NGOs, with an even stronger participation the victims’ families.


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