Players from Laayoune city’s civil society condemn all attempts aiming to politicize the Gdeim Izik affair and withdraw its legal aspect

Laayoune’s civil society members have expressed once again their condolences to the martyrs’’ families who perished in the tragic Gdeim Izik incidents

In an announcement to the MAP, these players have expressed their solidarity to the victims’ families and friends, and condemned any attempt to exploit the trial politically when it’s just like any other criminal case

These civil society players have also expressed their confidence towards the Moroccan legal system, which they have described as the only authorized entity in this case.

Mrs Al Mahjouba, president of the Rida Lah Litaawoune Association, has expressed once again its total support the victims’ families on one hand, and her opposition to all the sabotage attempts that came along the Gdeim Izik camp’s dismantling.

She had also called for the necessity to a major involvement from all and mobilization against the enemies of the territorial legitimacy and other attempts to politicize the trial.

Meanwhile, Dada Bent Khwalha, who is the president of the Ayadi Lkhayer Association, has joined the voices that condemn the Kingdom’s adversaries trying to sparke confusion and sow conflict among the South provinces that are witnessing important events. She also didn’t fail to express her support to the victims’ families.


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