Gdeim Izik: « We stand supportive to the victims’ families, and we discard the misleading theories by the separatists», Porto’s Peace Association

The Moroccan Immigrants’ Peace and Arab-Portuguese Friendship Association has condemned the propaganda by the separatists front ‘’Polizario”, in relation with the Gdeim Izik trial for the assassins of the 11 members of the Force of order.

The association has refuted the misleading and biased theories by the separatists regarding the Gdeim Izik incidents and has also expressed its solidarity with the victims’ families.

Meanwhile, the association, which is based in Porto, announced that it’s considering ‘’the appeal for the trial at the civil court, as it allows the victims’ families to stand as a civil party in order to defend its rightful interests and honor the memory of the victims’’. This is becoming a historic moment in which Morocco chooses the path of democracy and human rights above all, and it shows the Kingdom’s progressive legal arsenal through the just conditions and the independence of the Moroccan legal system throughout the trial.



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