Betrayal: The Moroccan Association for Human Rights (AMDH) Take Defense of The Gdeim Izik tragedy’s Culprits & Turn their Back on the Victims

According to confirmed sources from « Naktube » portal, the AMDH has officially announced that the culprits’ file has been added in the ongoing case of the Gdeim Izik camp dismantling incidents, and that during the 2nd session of the trial taking place today at Salé’s court of appeal’s annex building.  These incidents led to the horrible death of 11 members from the forces of order.

Leaders from the association such as Khadija Ryadi and Fouad Abdel Moumni have provided their help to the separatists in form of translation of the trial’s documents into several foreign languages, so that they get distributed to the foreign press, the making and financing of banners that shall be held in front of the court, and by also offering the association’s office services at all times to the separatists so they operate their ill intended plans against Morocco.

Also, following a request by Khadija Ryadi and Claude Mangin, attorney Abdel Aziz Nouidi has agreed to take the defense of culprit Naama Asfari, who has been flagged as accomplice in the events of Gdeim Izik, afer that the authorities have found some amounts of money and other documents proving her implication.

We believe that the AMDH’s actions in supporting the separatists that are this provocative are acts of betrayal against the martyr victims who gave their lives for the national duty, and who were assassinated in such a savage fashion similar to Daech. A betrayal against international laws and values of human rights, which are supposed to stay neutral, especially that this case happens to lie in the hands of justice and that all conditions and terms for an equitable trial were laid, as international observers have testified.

But the worst of it all is that these actions are particularly acts of betrayal directly against one’s country and the martyrs. This association has chosen to turn its back to the country and stand with the enemy, and that in return of a consistent source of funding that goes straight to the association’s leaders’ pockets. As one real example there is one representative of the association in Laayoune whose name if Mohammed Salem Lakhal, also known as “Kahlouch”.


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