The Gdeim Izik Victims’ Family and Friends Association


Since Rabat’s Court of Appeal has finished investigating the circumstances leading to suing for the crime of murder against our sons, the members of the public forces, while they were on duty dismantling the Gdeim Izik camp as a judicial decision has called, and since the very first trial session back in December the 26th 2016, our association has received numerous requests from lawyers from all over Morocco and the world, expressing their wish to volunteer and defend the victims’ families in court.

Taking an immense honor from such action, and the association has expressed back its most sincere gratitude to these lawyers and announced that a small group of lawyers will suffice to stand for the victims’ families as decided in coordination with the Bar association representative Mr. Mohamed Chahbi, and this in order to preserve the penal aspect of the trial.

The association has taken this opportunity to thank all of the Moroccan and Foreign lawyers who have volunteered to stand for their case in court, and it has also expressed its upmost sincere gratitude to all public figures and media outlets that have supported their case.


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