Polizario Attempts to Muddy the Waters as Second Session for Gdeim Izik Trial Approaches

As the date for the second session of « Gdeim Izik » criminals’ trial is getting closer, some separatists are setting up demonstrations for the 23rd of this month; which happens to be the date for the trial’s second session.

According to the Polizario separatists’ media source, the « Spanish coordination for the Saharan People’s Friends Association » is organizing on January the 23rd in Madrid a demonstration that demands from the Moroccan authorities the “Liberation” from the so called Saharan political prisoners of Gdeim Izik group.

Through such demonstrations, the Polizario aims to influence the international opinion and attempts to muddy the waters for a smoothly progressing trial under the supervision of local and international observers present on site.

It’s worth mentioning that these criminals, who killed 11 members of the Moroccan Forces of order during the tragic incidents of Gdeim Izik, have committed horrible acts that are hard to believe to be human made. The international community condemned the cruelty and violence nature of these acts.


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