French Attorney: ‘The Procedures Taken in The Gdeim Izik’s defendants’ Trial guarantees Fairness, Truth be Told to All, and the Condemning of the Perpetrators’.

Mr. Emmanuel Twil, an attorney from the Paris Bar and member of the Gdeim victims’ defense team, has confirmed that taking the case to a court of general jurisdiction since it started on the 26th of December, does allow a fair trial for all and will help getting the truth to reach out to all, and condemn the perpetrators.

The attorney had also added, during a statement given to the French agency MAP (Maghreb Arab Press), that “There is no doubt that this trial will help get the truth out finally to all, and also mentioned as a reminder that observers both local and international are present and are watching up close, while stressing once again the upmost respect that this case is preserving towards human rights.

Mr. Emmanuel Twil has also said that, the accused on trial still enjoy their freedom of speech and that their lawyers have also had their full use of right to access all sorts of related files. As for the victims’ families, the attorney has mentioned that their major concern is nothing but to know the truth and what actually happened.

Mr. Twil also made sure to give credit to Morocco and its efforts to assist the case, while bringing up the progress that the Kingdom has achieved in the arena of human rights since 1999, as the Moroccan legislation is supported by the 2011 Constitution which is about all fundamental rights of the people, among which the Right of Appeal and defense.


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