A Polish Association Condemns the Propaganda Launched by the Polizario around the Gdeim Izik Incidents

The Friends of Morocco Association in Poland has just strongly condemned the propaganda led by the Front separatists group and its supporters regarding the Gdeim Izik criminals’ case.

According to a press release by MAP, the representatives from the association announced that they “entirely refuse to accept the distorted version of the truth by the separatists on what happened in Gdeim Izik, in which 11 members of the force of order perished and among which one is part of the civil protection unit, as well as 70 others who were hurt and that belonged to other ranks from the force of order and 4 civilians on top of other damages in public and private properties”

“We’d like to remind those with an unfortunate short memory or those who seem to purposely suffer from such condition that, many international authorities such the Human Rights Watch, the International Federation for Human Rights and the Amnesty International team as well as an independent commission for investigations which has been created by the parliament among other local NGOs, have all organized visits to the site resulting into elaborate reports on the matter”.

No one should hold any doubts in Morocco’s intent and will in relation to the case, thanks to his Majesty King Mohamed VI’s foresight and establishing the perfect environment to ensure Human rights protection based on universal standards.

The statement closed with The Friends of Morocco Association in Poland expressing its deepest support to the families of the Gdeim Izik incidents.


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