The defense party of the victims’ families of Gdim Izik condemns the untruths from the press release by the international lawyers’ collective

In an open letter to all the members of the Justice and law community, the families’ defense party expressed their disappointment towards the false claims from the press release on December the 22nd, by the international lawyers’ collective supporting the Gdim Izim activists.The press release has summed up that this trial aimed mainly to get the defendants involved in social protests, and that it has also turned the blind eye to the cruel criminal acts that court can absolutely not overlook.

The plaintiffs’ side called for the lawyers’ collective to study the case thoroughly in order to comprehend the level of atrocity of the committed criminal acts.

The images shared by different media of the heinous violence to which the victims were subjected should stand as proof to the criminal acts committed by these culprits. These images allowed the world to see how the members of law enforcement were being thrown stones at, killed and slaughtered with knives and axes, and then being urinated upon at last.

The plaintiffs’ party also added that, they stand as nothing but lawyers that are devoted to respecting the profession ethics, and to working in accordance with the terms of a fair trial to all, including the victims they represent:” We have always been and will continue to be very supportive to our colleagues, as long as their press release has asked to fairly guarantee the rights of their clients in court, and make sure that the trial goes on equitable conditions in conformity with the Moroccan laws that are also echoing the internal standards for human rights”.  

They also expressed their great astonishment towards how the territorial and judicial rights of the Kingdom of Morocco were totally overlooked, although history supports it as well as the international and UN based regulations.

This press release caused them further more astonishment as it brought along adaptations that were not in conformity with sane judicial logic and that in attempt to bring to the international arena a conflict that the Moroccan and national court rooms can very much handle.

The plaintiffs’ party urged their colleagues that delivered this press release to:’’ Cooperate altogether so righteousness can prevail and so that justice can run its course normally, with commitment from to guarantee an equitable trial based on good will and respect to the Moroccan justice decisions, which has always been transparent and independent”.

(With MAP)


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