International observers confirm the trial has all to be fairly proceeded

The trial against the defendants for the Gdim Izik cam incidents, which has started on Monday at the Criminal Chamber near Salé city’s Court of appeal, is proceeding in fairly normal fashion, according to international observers.

French observer Jean-Claude Martinez has also confirmed that ‘’This trial is ongoing under very normal conditions, and the defendants are also guaranteed their human rights as well as the victims’ families’’.

Sophie Michez, a Belgian lawyer/observer, added yet a similar confirmation regarding the fairness in which the trial is taking place during a statement at the press. She supported her statement by saying that, the presence of not only the media, but also international observers and NGOs representatives prove the undeniable transparency under which this trial is.

It’s worth mentioning that the court of appeal has decided to postpone studying the case of those involved and being sued for the tragic Gdim Izik incidents to the 23rd, January 2017.

This postponement comes to allow the plaintiffs side to properly prepare the plea arguments, summon an involved individual in the case who happens to be roaming free, and for further reviewing of the request related to the victims’ families rights for a civil suit and take criminal indemnity action.


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