French attorneys show support and help the Gdim Izik victims’ families

Youssef Idrissi, secretary-general of the Moroccan French association for human rights, has expressed his support towards the Gdim Izik victims’ families’ grievances regarding the infamous incident.

Idrissi pointed out that his association located in Paris is on the side of the families of the 11 victims, and that through all the phases and different natures of the struggle, and the support is justified giving that it’s a case of martyrs for the national service

The secretary-general of the association also added that, the victims were subjected to cruel crimes through torture and barbaric executions, murder and slaughter with knives and axes, as well as the use of tear gaz. Details of deeds that are far from being human, and those responsible deserve to be brought to justice to get what they deserve for such horrible crimes.

Idrissi has also questioned the legitimacy of the Polisario separatists and why would they expect the detained to be freed just because they demand so. He said that, in every democratic nation, terrorists are considered a threat to all, and these Gdim Izek prisoners have caused the death of a dozen of innocent people in very poor conditions.


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