The plaintiffs: Families of the victims of Gdim Izik can finally demand equity for the Martyrs of National service

The Gdim Izik families’ victims have together hired lawyers designated to plea for the death of the 11 family members and servants of the forces of order, during the Gdim Izik incident.The plaintiffs were presented by the victims’ families during a press conference that was held on Thursday morning in Rabat.

The plaintiff’s party is composed of 6 lawyers: Abdellatif Ouahbi, member of the political bureau PAM, Khalid Achour from Tangier, Abdellatif Ouamou from Agadir, and the former PPS mayor from Tiznit, also, Aicha Guelaa from USFP, Abdelouahed Ansari, lawyer from Meknes and member fro mthe Independence party Istiqlal, Mohamed Chahbi from Casablanca and Abd Essamad El IDrissi, president of the PJD lawyers organization.

Mohamed Chahbi, a speaker representing the plaintiff side, has shared that following the referring of the case from the military to the civil court in Rabat, and the designation of attorneys for the plaintiffs, the victims, their families can finally claim back equity for the children, martyrs in the name of national service.

It is worth mentioning that the current list of lawyers is final, as more are expected to join.



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