The Polisario Front Requirements versus the Gdim Izik camp Victims’ Justified Expectations

Along with the different political games led against Morocco, the official Polisario separatist front media agency has quickly called for the UN’s attention. The separatist front demands “an international investigation entirely for the crimes committed by the Kingdom of Morocco, during the attack on November 8th, 2010 at the Gdim Izik camp”, according to a statement made by the Sahraouian political detained as the agency says.

This call has been out after the Gdim Izik victims’ families and friends’ association has made its first public appearance by organizing a protest march in Rabat, during celebrations of the international day for human rights.

Mohamed Atertour, President of the Gdim Izik victims’ families and friends, said that the statement made by the separatists is trying to turn “the oppressor into the oppressed and the oppressed into the oppressor”. He also added that the victims’ families will fight with that they have of lawful means every attempt of misleading the public opinion or casting a cloud over the real crime.


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