Human Rights Activists: The Gdim Izik Victims need True Justice

<Dayf Al Oula>, which is a show on national television last Tuesday, has hosted activists for human rights who confirmed the reopening of the Gdim Izik case and that it’s been sent to the Court of Appeal of Rabat, making good the wrong done to the victims’ families. The show has brought light to the judicial and humanitarian aspect of this referral decision.

The guests have also claimed that there are many positive signs that inspire faith in a fair trial for this 6 years on going case.

They also stated that the civil and penal scope of this case will be fair to both sides, the defendants as well as the victims’ families. But it’s worth mentioning that the trial will be especially rewarding from a judicial equity aspect to the families, as they have only been able to follow the case so far as merely spectators.

There is a clear and real will to go after all sorts of pressures hitting them even from the defendants and their allegations.

Meanwhile, Ms. Aicha Douihi, President of The Sahara Observatory for Peace, Democracy and Human Right (OSPDH), said that the families of the victims are in need of true justice obtained by punishing the real offenders, and taking in consideration the psychological and moral and even materialistic aspect of doing them justice, as the victims were in most parts the only providers for their families.

Mis. Douihi also added that the truth must be told and that there should be a chance given for the benefit of the doubt during all different stages of this trial, and all this with no meddling from the outside.


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