Khadija Marouazi: the separatist party is using the imprisoned people at “Gdeim Izik” to influence the outcome from a political settlement for the Sahara conflict.

According to claims by Khadija Marouazi, head of the “Mediator for Democracy and Human Rights” organization, the separatists are attempting as well to send this political issue over this case to the human rights affairs.

Marouazi who was invited to the “Dayf Al Oula’ show broadcasted on December the 13th on national television, has also called out the separatists’ behavior to be “Against human rights deserved by the detained, and this case has taken a whole different turn since it’s been handed over from the Court of Cassation to a civil court”.

She has also added that “This decision still hit numerous positive points which will allow the trial to be fair as long as it promises the detained equity and the benefit of the doubt on one part, and also provides the victims with a platform where they can be presented as part of the civil community, as it was not possible before”.

However, Marouazi has pointed out that “The challenge remains within the judicial system which has yet to show the truth behind the assassination of the 11th serving members of the Public force and Civil Protection. There is still a need in holding those concerned responsible for their criminal act towards the victims, as well as pointing out the link to this affair with the mediator party over this case; “…while taking a stand as nothing but a defender of human rights and taking no other side.” It is worth mentioning that this organization has been on this case since 2010.


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