Gdeim lzik, Military Justice passes the Case to the Hands of the Civil Court

The Gdeim lzik case, which took place in Laayoune city six years ago, has yet again surfaced and is this time handled by the civil court instead of the military’s; a decision taken by the court of cassation.
Observers of this case consider this initiative taken by Morocco as one step towards a final settlement, which will allow also reviewing the events that took place during this tragic incident, and will eventually reveal several new details about it.
It is worth taking notes of the date in which this first reviewing of the case will happen, a case involving the death of eleven members of the Moroccan forces of order, and the date is of 26 of this month at the court of appeals ‘chamber in Rabat.
Nawfal Bouamri, one lawyer among the defense team for the Gdimlzik Camp victims’ families, has said that the court of cassation‘s decision of sending this case to the civil court brings a sort of equity to these families, whose hearts have yet to heal from the loss they are suffering from for six years now and counting.


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