Gdeim Izik, Victims are gone, others under threat of death

It has been now 6 years since what is known in the media as the Gdeim Izik Camp’s incident, which ended in blood and death of many.
Many things have unfolded since, and here we are again recalling the suffering and sad times associated with that tragedy that resulted in the killing of 11 members of the public forces, while on duty on November 8th, 2010 in Laayoun region.
These were victims that were loved and are still missed by their families, and the pain from such loss remains until this day because of the horrible way they were killed and mutilated. It is ever flaming inside the affected families until the criminals responsible for that get what they deserve, and until they are brought to trial to do justice to the victims, who did nothing but do their job.
Hoping that the families of these martyrs get peace at last, we await the final judgment of this case that has been pending for long, but this is also an opportunity to bring all the Moroccan public to show support to the victims’ families, as their lost lives for the country makes them children of us all.


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